Chicken Cordon Bleu 275g


Chicken breast filled with ham and cheese and coated in a seasoned breadcumb finish.

Traditional cordon bleu is pan fried, and although ours can be panfried, our recipe comes out best when baked, with a more even golden brown  colour and making it easier for you to get the perfect cordon bleu.

Chicken Cordon bleu goes very nicely with a light creamy sauce with a serving of pan fried potatoes and brocoli or lightly butter sauteed cabbage with a pinch of salt. It also is eaten with french fries/chips and a number of other ways, the choice is yours.

Net weight; 275g

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Cooking Instructions

Oven Baked
For best results, defrost slowly in refrigerator prior to cooking, pre heat oven to 200C/395F and then bake for 25-30mins, or when you see any cheese seeping from the chicken after it has browned. (higher heat so breadcrumb coating can become cripsy without overcooking the chicken).

From frozen, oven bake for 35-45 minutes (variance depending on quality of oven).

Meat resting period. After removal from oven, let the meat stand for 2-3 minutes prior to serving to allow even temperature and for the chicken to fully cook itself.

Cooked meat temperature is 160F/71C (test in the centre of the product)
Temperature test without probe. Insert a small blade into the centre of your product, let it rest in there allowing the metal to heat up, then take out and touch it lightly to the underside of your bottom lip, this area is one of the most sensitive areas to heat in your body, if cold then it is not yet ready, if it has a little heat, it should come out perfectly juicy after the resting period.

Not reccomended cooking. meat will become dry and breadcrumb coating will be soggy and wet.


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