Naan Breads


Home made large naans as close to the tandoor that its hard to tell the difference. Our naans are painstakingly prepared to give you the best possible tasting naans, in texture and flavour, making them a perfect accompaniment for any curry.

Net wieght; 150g

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Cooking Instructions

Fresh; Naans can be eaten fresh but for best results, pre heat oven to 200C/395F and bake for 3 minutes to soften the naan and make it crispy in the right places. Immediatly after removal of naan from oven, get a large slab of butter and smear it liberally over the face of the naan and serve.
Frozen; Our naans freeze well, a simple slow defrosting by leaving the naan out for approximatly 10 minutes will yield a good product. For best finish, follow instructions as above.

Frozen: microwave for 1 minute whilst in packaging and butter immediatly. (for best results follow oven instructions as above after microwaving).


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Naan Breads

Plain Naan 150g, Garlic Naan 160g


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