Cumberland Style Sausage – Pork (5 links per 500g) ไส้กรอกสไตล์คัมเบอร์แลนด์


Cumberland sausages, made the traditional and following the exact recipe of old, quality pork and leaner than your average sausage.
England’s most famous sausage, with probably the most complex mix of herbs and spices than any other.
To improve your sausage experience, we have taken out the gristle by hand before grinding the sausage mix.
5 x 100g thick 28-30mm sausages

No artificial preservatives or coloring, no trans fats or MSG
Lactose free.

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Cumberland Style Sausage – ไส้กรอกสไตล์คัมเบอร์แลนด์ (6 links per 500g)

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