Fillet Mignon Dry Aged Steak 330g – Chef’s Choice


No artificial preservatives or coloring, no trans fats or MSG. These steaks are dry aged and therefore are easier to cook and shrink less when cooking.

The process of dry aging breaks down fibrous muscle tissue naturally.

These steaks have been selected for their shape, size, marbling of fat, colour and texture. They will be uniform in shape and size and will resemble the shape of a high grade fillet steak.

Ideal for restaurants which wish to serve top quality for affordable prices.

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Fillet Mignon Dry Aged Steak – Chef’s Choice Triple Gold Star
สเต๊กเนื้อคุณภาพเยี่ยม เนื้อสเต๊กที่เชฟการันตี ความอร่อย

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