Chef Luca Pizza 3 Cheese & Tomato 200g


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Thinking of warm, oozing, and cheesy pizza? In just 5 minutes, you can experience the original taste of an Italian pizza with Chef Luca’s 3 Cheese Pizza. The pizzas are made from the finest quality of wheat flour, authentic tomato sauce, along with a great variety of cheeses from Italy. It is practical and heavenly.

A classic Italian tradition is to find Pizza al Taglio, which means “by the slice”.

This is the original Pizza street food version that consumers take home, bring to the office, simply share with friends, or by eating and walking around literally anywhere.

Chef Luca pizzas are handcrafted by Italian chefs. Made from the finest imported ingredients, the frozen Romana pizzas are designed to be a fresh quality meal that can be ready to cook and consumed anywhere. Chef Luca offers these frozen pizzas with various toppings that will match anyone’s taste.

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